Beware of our third Achilles' heel

Sandy Radburnd
Image from Project Gutenberg

High-school Shakespeare left me weary of pre-1950 books.

And a little number from 1939 had been gathering digital dust on my Kindle for a long time. But because I was out of fresh reads, I manned-up and clicked the faded next page button.

And from page 1, I learned to never doubt older reads.

Not only was its author entertaining, he could have, and may still, save the world. His name was Weston Price and, get this - his mission was to visit native tribes around the world and give them a check up.

Yes, a check up. Because he was a dentist.

A dentist with a theory.

Price suspected cavities, chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer) and deformed jaws (the condition we fix with braces) were all connected. So, joined by his wife, he sailed around the world. He shook hands with Eskimos in Canada, fisherfolk in Scotland and Masai warriors in Africa (to name a few); then asked them to open wide.

And immediately discovered a pattern.

The same thing was happening to natives across the world.

The moment they adopted our modern diet of processed foods (think flour, sugar and preservatives), three things happened. Teeth rotted, new babies arrived with crowded teeth and entire families fell to infectious diseases like tuberculosis. Besides the obvious lesson here for us to stick to fresh meat, fruit and veg, there’s something else begging our attention...

It's called the path of least resistance.

In most of the cases Price saw, people still had access to their original diets. There was nothing forcing them to live on white bread and jam. But eating in their traditional way meant more work. Fish to catch, roots to dig, plants to harvest.

Fast forward to today.

And picture this.

It’s 6 pm and you've had a heavy Monday. Your choice is between reading a book from one of the legends of your craft (and taking notes), or watching Netflix.

...See what I mean? 

As I hear from Tim Ferriss

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." I'm going to listen to him and the adventurous dentist.

If you want to read Price’s tale (his writing matches his bravery) here it is.

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